Carnival of Personal Finance #319: Summer Heat Wave Edition

Well summer is definitely here!  As the mercury rises across America, chill out inside and enjoy a collection of the best posts from the personal finance blogosphere.  I had a lot of fun hosting the carnival this week and reading everyone’s posts.


Here are my editors picks:

Travis Pizel from Our Journey To Zero presents Heatwave!, and says, “The heatwave this week had my electric meter spinning like a ceiling fan. Here are some tips to keep my family cool, but keep that AC from breaking my budget.”

RJ Weiss from Gen Y Wealth presents How to Think like Warren Buffett, and says, “A primer on avoiding financial mistakes. ”

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents What is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and How Will it Help You?, and says, “There’s a new watchdog to help consumers – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. See what it is and how it can help you.”

Suba from Wealth Informatics presents How to save money on magazine subscriptions, and says, “15 ways to save money on magazine subscription.”


Odysseas from Wallet Blog presents Could Credit Card Companies be Groupon Killers?, and says, “American Express and Facebook recently launched a new program called “Link, Like, Love,” which is sure to became a serious contender against popular daily deal providers like Groupon and Living Social.”

Marjorie from presents Bad Credit Guide, and says, “I think your readers will enjoy my submission this week because I answer a variety of frequently asked questions regarding bad credit and give readers tips on how to improve their situation. Knowing the facts about bad credit is the first step to improving it.”

Emily from Deliver Away Debt presents Debit Card vs Credit Card, and says, “This post examines the major differences between using credit cards and debit cards.”

Danielle Liss from Kitten a Go-Go presents I KILLED DISCOVER – Discover’s Viking Funeral, and says, “After many months, I paid off my $13,000 Discover balance. For months, I planned a viking funeral for the credit card that carried the highest balance that I’d ever had. This is how discover was laid to rest – in dramatic vlog fashion.” The video is entertaining, you should check it out.

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey from My Personal Finance Journey presents A Simple Way to Banish Credit Card Interest, and says, “Simply put – it’s very difficult to accumulate wealth if you have to pay high interest credit card debt. This post takes a look at the strategy involving the use of 0% balance transfer offers to eliminate your credit card debt balances. ”

Janet from Credit, Eh presents Mental health and Credit Card Use: Protect Your Loved Ones, and says, “All types of dementia are on the rise around the world, and in Canada. As a result, it is important to monitor the spending of you affected loved ones. Dementia can result in expensive purchases with credit cards — and there is little you can do if the business won’t let you return merchandise bought someone with dementia.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents 10 Stocks With A Strong Cash To Dividend Coverage, and says, “Dividends are not paid with sales, earnings, EPS, EBIT or EBITDA. Instead dividends are paid with cash. As an investor, you want to pay close attention to the cash flow statement. Unfortunately, it is probably the least used and most misunderstood statement. Ultimately, cash flow is what drives the value of any financial asset.”

Eric J. Nisall from DollarVersity presents I Love My Credit Cards: 5 Reasons Cash Sucks And Plastic Rocks, and says, “Cash is still king? Not in my world, and it shouldn’t be in yours either. That is, unless you want it to, and it’s totally up to you.”

Andrew from CreditDonkey presents I Need a Credit Card?, and says, “Just How Much Do We Need Our Credit Cards? Americans collectively are predicted to hold $1.177 trillion in credit card debt in 2011; and, one in seven Americans hold more than 10 cards.”

Jake Gibson from NerdWallet Credit Card Blog presents Want a Gas Discount? Look to Your Credit Card, and says, “As gas prices climb (and climb, and climb), discount gas is worth every penny in savings. But driving around in circles trying to find the station with the cheapest gas is, at best, only marginally successful.”

Mike from Do Not Wait presents Debt Management Solutions: 3 Best Ways to Consolidate Your Debts, and says, “How you can consolidate your debts moving forward.”


Miranda from Outlaw Finance presents Short Term vs Long Term Capital Gains, and says, “When you invest, it’s important to understand how your gains will be treated on your tax return.”

Nelson from Canadian Finance Blog presents Will Future Stock Market Returns Suck?, and says, “Stock market returns are a leading indicator. If you look at previous recessions, the stock market starts to go up before the recession is over.”

Sean Smarty from Grow Money presents Advantages of Index Funds

Matt from Dividend Monk presents 6 Strong Companies with Double Digit Dividend Growth, and says, “A qualitative and quantitative overview of six companies that may be in a position to provide good long-term total returns. ”

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Do You Have Coke in your Portfolio?, and says, “Are you investing in Coke?”


Elizabeth from Modern Gal presents Stop Accumulating Stuff!

Philip from PT Money: Personal Finance presents Repair or Replace Your Car?, and says, “When you car is old and close to the end, how do you decide whether to repair it or move on to a new vehicle? Check out these tips to help you decide.”

Bret from Hope to Prosper presents He Who Dies with the Most Toys is Dead, and says, “It’s sad to me when people look to possessions for happiness. They can fill their lives with toys and have all of the money in the world, but that won’t bring contentment.”

Stuart Peterson from Pennywise2Pennyworth presents The Psychology of Impulse Purchases, and says, “Why do we spend on impulse? Examine the psychology of impulse shopping and ways to limit our impulses”


Jason from One Money Design presents How YNAB and Dropbox Work Great Together!, and says, “I recently became a Drobox user and figured out how to use it with YNAB so your budget file is available on every computer you have YNAB installed.”

No Debt MBA from No Debt MBA presents Luxuries on a small budget, and says, “Here are nine different ways I feel luxurious on a tight budget.”

Gen Y Capitalist from Gen Y Capitalist presents Why Do We Spend? – My Take on Retail Psychology, and says, “This article examines some factors that drive us to want to spend in the first place.”


Crystal from Stupid Cents presents Creating a Resume, and says, “The key to creating a winning resume is to write one that strikes the perfect balance. Here are a few ideas.”

Ramsay from Moneyedup presents Advance Your Career, and says, “We all like to be recognized for our hard efforts at work and few ways say it better than a promotion.”

MD from Studenomics presents 5 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs, and says, “What are you doing to network?”

Darwin from Darwin’s Money presents If We Pay For our Daughter’s Wedding, What About Our Son?, and says, “Since tradition has always been that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, how do you handle it when you have sons and daughters? Some ideas to maintain “equality”

Mike from Green Panda Treehouse presents 3 Signs That You Should Quit Your Job, and says, “Should you quit your job?”

Bryan from Pinch that Penny! presents How I Asked for (and Received) a Raise


Jim Yih from Retire Happy Blog presents Not all financial advisors are created equal, and says, “Not all Financial Advisors are made equal. The word financial advisor is over generalized and abused and it has confused those that really need help.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents Building Home Equity: Ways to Build Wealth, and says, “People talk about home equity all the time, but they do not always think through the complexities of using real estate to build wealth.”

Mr. Money Smarts from Smart On Money presents 3 Economic Concepts Everyone Should Know, and says, “The most important financial asset that exists isn’t gold, cash, or even stocks — it’s knowledge. Here are three principles of economics that everyone should understand”

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents 10 Things To Consider When Buying Or Building A New Home, and says, “There are a lot of things you need to consider before you buy or build a home. Here are some things we’re considering carefully before we make our next home buying decision. ”

Money Thinker from Money Thinking presents Hints for Helping Someone Financially, and says, “Money Thinker shares some things you should and shouldn’t do when a friend or family member ”

Junior Boomer from Consumer Boomer presents How to Attempt to File Bankruptcy For Free, and says, “If you want to file bankruptcy for free, there are some steps you must follow very closely. Here’s a look at those steps.”

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents When is Bankruptcy Acceptable, and says, “Even if you decide that you have no choice but to declare bankruptcy, it is important to carefully consider these key points.”

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents The Best Money Tip My Dad Gave Me, and says, “I learned a lot about money, career and investments from my father. He worked hard and modeled a great work ethic. I never met a harder working person than my father.


Squirrelers from Squirrelers presents Thoughts on Retirement Prospects: East vs West, and says, “How do you feel about retirement prospects? There are differences between current Eastern and Western thoughts on this topic, explored in this post”

Adam from Magical Penny presents Why I Am Not In a SIPP and It’s Unlikely You Should Have One Either, and says, “To recap the reasons to have a SIPP were: tax efficient saving, more choice, and more control. However, as a mid-20 something I don’t have a SIPP and I don’t think you should have one too. Whilst SIPPS have many advantages, for most people in their 20s and 30s its not the best way to save.”


Jon the Saver from Free Money Wisdom presents Use These Tips to Save on Your Next Prescription, and says, “Don’t pay full price for your next medicine prescription. Instead use these five tips to save a truckload on your next prescription!”

Personal Cents from Personal Cents presents 3 Avoidable Bank Fees

Matt Bell from Matt About Money presents I Want the Red One, and says, “For most of us, envy comes all too naturally. It messes with our finances and our happiness. Here’s one very helpful step we can take to overcome envy. ”

Nathan Richardson from presents What is a Good Credit Score, and says, “Learn what makes a bad, poor, average, fair and excellent credit score in 2011. ”

Little Miss Moneybags from Little Miss Moneybags presents Why You Shouldn’t “Invest” in Wardrobe Pieces

MD from Passive Income Now presents Do You Want to be a Landlord? Let’s Look at Every Cost Involved, and says, “All of the costs that come with owning a rental.”

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured presents How do you keep from wasting food?, and says, “Suggestions on how to keep from wasting food. The comments are especially useful on this one, so check them out!”

Bob from ChristianPF presents Can You Save Money By Spending More?, and says, “What do you think – have you ever been able to save money by spending more?”

Britney Hope from TotallyMoney presents Is buying wholesale really worthwhile?

Donna Freedman from Surviving and Thriving presents Goal-oriented groceries., and says, “Having trouble staying within your food budget? Make a major life goal part of the grocery list.”

Jen from Master the Art of Saving presents Cutting our Expenses- My Cellphone?, and says, “Lately, I’ve been considering ways to lower my cellphone bill. We currently pay $50 a month, which isn’t that bad compared to what a lot of others are paying. Still, considering how much we actually use it; it’s not all that great.”


Echo from Boomer & Echo presents Financial Literacy: Do We Pretend To Be Dumber Than We Are?, and says, “Financial literacy is something that I feel should be addressed on your own terms. It’s very difficult to give financial advice to your peers.”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover: What You Need to Know, and says, “If there was ever a financial guru whose advice could be taken in any financial environment and still be considered sound, it is Dave Ramsey”

Control Your Cash from Control Your Cash presents Stealing Money with Lease Options, and says, “Would you buy a lottery ticket with a 95% chance of winning? For a smart landlord, that’s what a lease-option is.”

FMF from Free Money Finance presents Another TV Show that Teaches Personal Finances, and says, “Here’s a show that allows you to be entertained AND learn something about how to manage money.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents June Net Worth Update +2%!, and says, “The net worth update for the most recent month.”

Dan Meyers from Your Life, Their Life presents What’s your definition of rich?, and says, “In this article, I try to help people realize ‘rich’ isn’t just about money or a dollar amount. It starts with the view that rich is about money and then turns into something through some great quotes. Thanks for your consideration!”

Andrea from So Over Debt presents Why Personal Finance is Like Cross Dressing, and says, “A post proving that personal finance can be related to just about anything in a coherent manner.”


Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Was Derek Jeter’s Superfan #3,000 A Hero Or A Goat…, and says, “Would you have made money from this historic event?”

IS from Intelligent Speculator presents Could Facebook Become The Next MySpace?, and says, “What’s the future of Facebook?”

Kim McGirgg from Blogging for Change presents Tips for buying & selling at the pawn shop, and says, “Working with a pawn shops can be a good deal for both a seller and buyer, but not always. This post offers some tips for successful buying and selling at a pawn shop.”


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  1. Thank you for hosting, and for including my post. Wish I could send some of this unseasonably cool Seattle summer weather across the country to where it’s needed. But I’ll get a taste of hot ‘n’ humid misery soon enough, since I’m headed for a month on the East Coast….

    1. My dad lives in Seattle – he’s been complaining about the crazy El Nina weather. I have a feeling the heat will (eventually) be in your future.

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